The process of professional photography should be simple yet effective. We understand how to make bottle photography process effective by sound strategy. However, if you have a clear vision in your mind, then we can jump directly to it.

Being flexible as it to be strategic is essential. To start, all we need is to know your products and needs.  We have years of experience of brand exposure in the market and know that the process should not be complicated.

Here is a glimpse of our professional photography process.

Start project

After the discussion with the clients and by knowing their needs, we start working on the projects as soon as possible. We know every client wants to have the best photographs and so we want. Our professional photographers know how to capture the right images of bottles for wine marketing. The key is to find a process that suits the client’s needs, optimise it, and go with the flow.

Set up background

We start by selecting the right background. It is always worth to have an effective background because it enhances the product’s beauty and simples the entire editing process.

Set up the product

It is necessary to make sure that the product is set at the right place. The direction of products is what makes a difference. If the place of the product is not right, the chances are less to have a professional photographer. We set up the product at its place and ready for the shoot.

Get Lighting

This one is the deciding factor which defines the images’ quality. Yes, lighting plays a vital role in the overall appearance of the image.

Setting up lighting could be a tedious task, but when done right, it brings desired results and simplifies post-processing. Usually, we have two options for lighting; natural and studio light. However, it depends on the nature of the product and requirements. We usually use studio lights.

Once we have the right setup, we can get consistent and professional results. It helps us to have the best bottle photographs.

Get Right Equipment

The next step is to use the professional photography equipment for shooting. We use the high-quality HD cameras to capture the images. Along with that, we use different equipment like tripods, lenses, filters, flashes, studio lights, and computer software stuff. We use the equipment according to the project needs.


Once we are done with the shooting, the last step is to go for retouching. Retouching is the most vital part of photography. It covers everything from background removal to colour correction, shadow addition to giving a more natural look.

How professional Bottle photography makes a difference?

You need to hire professionals due to their brand exposure and years of experience. They know how to shoot the professional images and create a compelling brand image. They use high-quality photography equipment and capable of offering professional results.

People always admire those things which look beautiful and eye-catchy. If you want to do effective marketing of your wine, you need to hire professional photographers. We are available 24/7 to serve you with product photography services.

Order your next vintage bottle shots today.